Marconi World Office has open space workstations immediately ready and fully equipped, with furniture, telephons, printer, fax, photocopier and fibra adsl internet connection.

This solution allows considerable savings and the sharing of spaces facilitates the creation of collaborations and synergies.


  • Translations in all the main European languages
  • Legal, insurance, scientific translations
  • Translations into Albanian, Arabic, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Romanian, Slovak and Slavic languages ​​in general


  • Swiss commercial law
  • Business investigation
  • Marketing: mailing, telemarketing, leafleting, call centers and toll-free numbers, event organizations, conferences, consultancies
  • Administrative services: accounting data processing with tax assistance, invoicing, supplier, customers and banks management; payroll management through consultant; notary.

All consultants are available at our Business Center.